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2020-10-04, 12:42

What does prepping mean to you?

“Starting out, my idea of prepping matched the stereotype I’d so often seen: the prepper as a rural, military-minded dude who gathers canned food, guns and ammo, and heads to the hills to wait out the zombie apocalypse.”

Is this what prepping means to you or how would you describe it?

I read this New York Times article. It proposes another type of prepping. One that is more focused on long-time survival by making sure you have food and knowledge of how to keep the cupboards stocked than shooting your way into each new day.

» I Am Not a Housewife. I’m a Prepper. - The New York Times

Lisa Bedford, also known as “The Survival Mom”, has a Youtube channel where she shares her advice on how to survive for shorter or longer times that isn’t necessarily the zombie apocalypse. Watch the video above for an example.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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