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2020-03-13, 13:43

Have you changed plans or habits due to Corona?

My wife and I were invited to a birthday party tomorrow. A combination of the host feeling a little ill and the Corona virus risk made him postpone it until further notice. He was devastated and described it as one of the hardest decisions of his life. I thought it made sense and it isn't like we're not going to celebrate him, just not now.

For a long time, I have had a job that isn't depending on me being a particular place at a specific time. I can work where and when I want to a large degree and don't need much more than a smartphone and Wi-Fi (but I prefer iPad). That means the current pandemic hasn't changed my work habits. Several large companies (Spotify) and government agencies in Sweden have urged their employees to work from their homes as much as possible.

Have you adjusted your life because of the virus outbreak? Has it already affected your life in any way, other than being embalmed in virus news wherever you turn?

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2020-03-13, 17:31

Well at the moment I am taking a semester off of school due to medical reasons (not related to coronavirus) so Im at home all the time anyway right now. But yesterday, my gym closed down for two weeks so that is my biggest change of plans.

2020-03-13, 19:11

And we had a new Italian flatmate move in the day before Italy closed off the country lol. So he just escaped Italy but now my boyfriend has to work at home for two weeks because of possible exposure.

2020-03-31, 22:44

My whole life changed due to it. Were advised to shelter in place and practice social distancing. I had just been moving and completed my move just a few days before the restrictions took place. It is an adjustment to go back to living alone and add into that no one is able to visit each other. It is a weird thing to get used to.

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2020-04-01, 10:19

#3: I think being able to live in your home for extended periods is a valuable skill. It is important not to get lonely or isolated. 

Our family has been practicing this for long without knowing that it would be useful like this. We have several chat groups where we post anything. Everyday thoughts and observations, photos, videos, Help requests, second-hand clothes, furniture, and stuff giveaways, and many other things. In the largest family group, we are about twenty people. Siblings, parents, cousins, kids, grandparents, in-laws… There are other groups for just me and the people I live with, for me and my brother and sister, for my ten closest friends and me. We have task-oriented temporary groups for when someone needs more focused Help with issues in their life or to plan surprise events or parties. This way, I have daily interactions with a large group of people that I can quickly check in on.

For us, Telegram messenger has been a great tool,  but it could be almost any messaging service where you can have groups.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2020-04-01, 10:31

#4 That is a great way to stay connected. It is really neat that the grandparents are able to use the group chats as well. 

I don't have any family group chats but I do have a few friend group chats that stay pretty regularly active. I also regularly FaceTime with my parents and sometimes by brothers. Weirdly, though, I feel less connected now with many of my friends and family back in the US even though everyone is home in isolation. I think everyone is adjusting differently to the crisis.

2020-04-01, 10:52

Yes, we range in age from teens to 80+. When my grandfather lived, he was part of it all. He was well over 95 when he followed his children, grand children and great-grandchildren's lives. I'm sure that made him live longer, the curiosity of what would happen in all our lives. You can't just leave that. 🙂

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2020-04-01, 10:57

#6 That is so great! My previous flatmate has a very old grandma, in her 90s, that lived in another country and they would FaceTime all the time. I thought it was so awesome that they could keep in touch like that.

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