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2020-03-13, 10:27

Have you taken any measures to cope with Corona?

We usually have food to last at least a few months without restocking. Not because of the risk of a zombie apocalypse, but because we buy a lot when something is cheap. That saves both money and time. The corona pandemic has made us think of what we might need to add in case we have to quarantine ourselves for a few weeks. Most people will likely get the virus, but just a few will be very sick. Some won't even notice they have it.

  • Medication and vitamins can be vital. Pain killers and something for sore throats, which are the main symptoms of Corona.

  • Lots to drink, unless you are okay with drinking water. A carbonator (like Sodastream) can make water taste a little more interesting.

  • Handkerchiefs, toilet paper, and kitchen towels. You don't want to have to get by without those.

  • Amusements and pastimes. If you are not used to being at home for more extended periods, you may have to think of ways to keep yourself and the family distracted—both with and without the internet. A pack of white printer paper and pencils are cheap and can be used for many things, like drawing, playing games, writing, making lists, constructing paper planes, and so on. Pick up an old or new hobby.

  • A live connection to the world around you, for instance, a battery or dynamo drove radio. Listen to music, talk shows, news, and other programs to stay sane if you spend extended time alone. Talk to friends and family on the phone. Chat online.

How have you prepared for Corona? What would you add that might not be obvious to everyone?

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2020-03-13, 11:09

I bought wine yesterday 😂 and refilled my medications that I need to take for at least one month. In fact, they ran out of all my medication so I had to order it and I will pick it up today. It was crazy in all the pharmacies yesterday. I went to three different ones to be able to order everything I needed. It was a bit stressful because when you see other people panicking then you start to panic as well.

2020-03-13, 11:09

But we have enough food in our place as well. We did buy some dried beans and stuff as well just in case.

2020-03-13, 13:19

#1: Aha, make sure the medicines are compatible with wine. 😉 It's bad timing with Corona coming now that the medical supply chain in Sweden has been working so poorly.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2020-03-31, 22:32

Well, two weeks of sheltering in place has went by very quickly. I have just recently moved so I didn’t have anything stock piled but managed to buy enough for a few weeks. Now I am concerned that once the truckers start getting sick we may experience even less of chance to buy groceries. I am really seeing the wisdom in prepping.

Happy creating!


Host of Paints and Crafts

2020-03-31, 22:42

I used to like to have my pantry without a lot of food and clutter but now that we have some extra dry food, its getting a little crowded in my small kitchen! I will have to learn to reorganise it more efficiently.

2020-04-01, 11:02

You can put the flour and dry bean sacks on the living room floor for guests to sit on until you need them. 🙂

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2020-04-01, 11:08

#6 That made me laugh! We actually don’t have that much food, enough for cushions, anyway haha. We do have a giant box of different kinds of gluten free pasta and other gluten free food because our previous Italian flatmate moved back home. He has celiac disease and shipped the food from Italy before he arrived to Sweden, but he didnt want to eat it all before he went back to Italy.

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