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2022-02-08, 12:05

How has the Corona pandemic changed your prepping?

Thinking back to the time before the Corona pandemic, are there things you have changed in your prepping because of the pandemic?

  • We never had face masks at home before Corona. Now we do. I don’t know if we still will a few years from now.

  • Before the pandemic, we had large food storage. That hasn’t changed. We stopped using one of our fridges but that is due to electricity saving reasons and has nothing to do with the pandemic. I measured the electricity consumption of both fridges and found that one (the older) used twice as much as the other.

  • We have gotten much better at keeping contact with family and friends digitally during the pandemic. You can’t let your personal relations slide just because there’s a pandemic keeping you away from each other. Social relations are vital to your sanity. I have met with a few friends over dinner every second Thursday for almost thirty years. That didn’t change during Corona. We just met on Telegram, Skype, Jitsi or Zoom instead. Christmas 2020, we connected the whole family over FaceTime. Parents, siblings and their families, children, and friends.

  • The car is our second home. We don’t sleep there, but we spend a lot of time in it. During the pandemic, we made a habit of road tripping around a 100-kilometer radius of our home. It has been a way to get out, visit new places, see new things and be together. We used to have food, beverages, water, hand sanitizer, and wet napkins in the car. Now we also have face masks and rubber gloves.

  • Perhaps not prepping related, but shaking hands when meeting people still is a no-no. I’m not sure if that will remain or if we will allow body contact with other people than family and friends again.

Do you recognize any of my pandemic adaptations? What have you changed?

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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